10 Feb 2017

The gilded bronze figure of Helios has returned to the “doughnut” following an 11-month renovation. The statue of the Greek sun god has stood in the circular courtyard at Television Centre since the former BBC headquarters opened in 1960.

Designed by British sculptor T B Huxley-Jones, the three-metre high statue was originally erected on an obelisk in the circular courtyard to symbolise the spread of television light around the world. The new Helios centrepiece will feature a fountain with two reclining figures beneath the bowl to represent sound and vision.

Alistair Shaw, Managing Director of Television Centre, said: “Television Centre is a British icon and the Helios statue is synonymous with this famous building. It is a very special moment for everyone involved with the project now that Helios has returned as part of the renovated inner courtyard. The BBC’s heritage has a vital role to play in the future of Television Centre and we will also be retaining the iconic Television Centre atomic dots, the John Piper mural and the cantilever staircase – as well as the beloved Blue Peter mural – which are all integral to what we are creating at Television Centre. This is not just a housing development, we are doing something very different here to create a vibrant new neighbourhood in White City.”