Our core values have been handed down through our long history and they are deeply ingrained in our culture. They define who we are, what we believe in and how we do business the world over.

We build partnerships

We are global developers but we know that property development is essentially a local business.

Our success is built on an ethos of sharing resources, knowledge and experience with local partners who have the same commitment and approach to creating positive and meaningful places as we do.

By building strong and lasting partnerships we can develop local knowledge, unlock new opportunities and diversify our risk.

This enables us to embark on more complex projects than we could otherwise do on our own.

Long-Term Thinking

We think long term

We believe in creating a legacy for the city that will benefit future generations.

Our ability to do this stems from our strong balance sheet which enables us to look beyond the cyclical nature of real estate markets and invest in large-scale projects that fit with our vision.

But it also comes from our deep-rooted culture which places high importance on working with the community and creating a better world around us.

This is why we like to stay involved at every step of the way, working closely with partners and communities to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to the city.

Creating value

We create value

We create lasting value in development by bringing together our knowledge and resources so that we can respond proactively to global changes in society and market structures.

Our philosophy is built on creating value for all by stimulating economic growth and building a positive and sustainable environment which contributes to prosperity, productivity, and a better quality of life.

This guides our vision and enables us to embrace new ways of thinking, exploring beyond a business-as-usual approach to deliver something that is distinct and valued for its intrinsic quality.

What our brand symbolises

The “&” expressed in our brand mark represents our vision of bringing together disparate elements and coexisting in harmony with society and the environment.

This concept defines our core philosophy and runs through everything that we do.

By embracing diversity and reconciling conflicting ideals – profit and society, preservation and regeneration, heritage and new build – we seek to find enduring value and create places that are greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Mitsui Fudosan UK

Environmental and social initiatives

We are committed to reducing environmental impact and contributing to the sustainable development of human life.

Our &EARTH approach looks beyond buildings to create thriving and harmonious communities that enrich both people and the planet.

Mitsui Fudosan &EARTH